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Road to Ventoux: on camera [Apr. 7th, 2009|08:25 pm]
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A quick post - just wanted to share a few Ventoux-related videos to whet the appetite for the etape (which, with this week's clement weather and light evenings, suddenly feels like it's creeping up on us like a big giant panther).

First off, three clips from the Road to Mt Ventoux, a great-looking DVD recce I must get hold of that features a chap who manages to talk coherently while climbing.

Here's some footage from a BBC Four documentary I'd also like to see about Tom Simpson. It shows his final metres.

Fast forward 33 years and we see Lance Armstrong's awesome attack in the 2000 Tour. He says Ventoux is the toughest climb but shows few signs of it as he chases Marco Pantani

And finally, a nutter doing it on a unicycle